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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the CSRP offer transportation?2019-07-10T13:02:31+00:00

No, but there are agencies that do, including the Cancer Society and Senior Support. We do give gas cards to families that prefer to drive themselves but need assistance in doing so.

2. Locks of Love, where can I get some information if I want to cut my hair for cancer?2019-07-10T13:02:51+00:00

We found a phone number in St. Catharine’s, ON: 1-800-263-3695. Or, call 905-682-6611 on the Locks of Love website for Canada.

Donate Your Hair 8 to 15 ponytails are needed to create a single real-hair wig, and this is why your help is very important. You can make your donation to Canadian Cancer Society.

In 2007, Procter & Gamble Canada partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society to launch the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign. Thousands of Canadians have donated more than 70,000 ponytails, which were then made into wigs to help women with cancer regain their sense of self and confidence.

You can also show your support for women with cancer by donating your hair through the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign.

Preparing Your Hair

At least 8 inches long Clean, dry, and not swept off the floor No more than 5% grey In addition, your hair must not be chemically treated. Hair that has been permed, bleached, or coloured is too damaged to be made into wigs.

Cutting Your Hair

Shampoo and/or condition your hair until it is clean. Make sure not to use any styling products. Gather your hair at the nape.

Use an elastic band to create a ponytail. The band should be tight to keep the hair together after cutting. Take note that if the hair comes out of the band, it would not be included in the donation. If you prefer, you may place a second elastic band around the middle of the ponytail.

Make sure that that elastic band is just below where you want to cut.

Measure the length of the ponytail, from the elastic band to the tips of the hair. It should be at least 8 inches long. Donations that do not reach that length cannot be used because they are too short for making a wig. If your hair is not yet 8 inches long, just continue to grow it out. There is no maximum length requirement.

Cut your hair just above the elastic band. Do not wash or style the ponytail after it has been cut off. Make sure the ponytail is intact with the elastic band before placing it in a zipper-lock bag. Seal the bag tightly. The ponytail should be completely dry before it is sent.

Place the zipper-lock bag in a padded or plastic envelope.

Send your donation to: Pantene Beautiful Lengths Archway 2-1055 Middlegate Rd Mississauga, ON L49 3Y4

If you want to receive acknowledgment of your donation, please include your name and address.

Do you want to raise funds that can help change cancer forever? You can turn your hair donation into a fundraising event! The Canadian Cancer Society can help you organize your own event.

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3. George’s Night Out, events, or to ask for more info?2019-07-10T13:03:20+00:00

See under Events, or call 519-426-0219 and you will be called within 24 hours.

4. New Day New Me info?2019-07-10T13:03:40+00:00

See link for dates, or call 519-426-0219 for more details.

5. Are there any support groups in the area?2019-07-10T13:03:58+00:00

See under Support Groups/Agencies for the prostate group, women’s groups in Simcoe, groups for kids with a family member with cancer, and Powerhouse Project.

6. I heard there is a website that makes quilts for cancer survivors.2019-07-10T13:04:17+00:00

Yes. We found this website:

Victoria’s Quilts Canada (VQC) is an organization that provides handmade quilts to people living with cancer in Canada. VQC’s quilts do not just provide physical comfort—they also remind people with cancer that they are not alone in their struggle.

VQC’s work is supported by community groups, corporate sponsors, and organizations. However, the main source of its funding comes from individual donors and volunteers. Your generosity is important in helping VQC in carrying out its mission.

7. If I wanted to find survivors with my type of cancer so that I could speak one-on-one with them, where do I go to find that?2019-07-10T13:04:38+00:00

The Canadian Cancer Society has that information. It provides free peer support services to adults 18 years and older who have been diagnosed with cancer or who are caring for a loved one with cancer.

You will speak one-on-one with a trained volunteer who has had a cancer experience similar to yours. The volunteer will listen and encourage you, as well as share ideas for coping.

Although volunteers are trained to provide support, keep in mind that they are not mental health professionals. The program is not a counselling service.

If you are interested in talking to a volunteer, click on the link below. The registration is fast and easy. You can also select a volunteer based on the things you would like to have in common.

Read more:

At the CSRP, we also have people willing to listen, so please call 519-426-0219, and we will try our best to help you locally.

8. I am having trouble keeping up with my bills now that I am going through treatment. Is there any help for this?2019-07-10T13:04:59+00:00

The CSRP does give financial aid for bills, groceries, and gas. Please call to find out more.

9. I have no insurance for the extra medical bills. What can I do?2019-07-10T13:05:13+00:00

Contact the Trillium Drug Plan. Call us at 519-426-0219, or ask your pharmacists.

10. Where can I go locally for undergarments now that I have had the breast surgery?2019-07-10T13:05:32+00:00

My Top Drawer 40 Kent St. N Simcoe, ON N3Y 3S2 ~ 1.9 km 519-428-1757

The Cancer Support & Resource Program also offers a $50.00 discount on your bras at this location.
Call 519-426-0219 for more info.